What people say about working with Kevin.

Our association had talked for many years about regionalizing the MLS in our state. But that’s all it was, talk.

We finally made the decision to hire a consultant and get started. We were fortunate to find Kevin McQueen, a long time expert in the field and the right person for us.  Kevin’s experience, expertise, and style was the catalyst to put this all in place. He worked effectively to build trust with the surrounding associations, bring us together, organize the new company, and put all the pieces in place for us. We couldn’t have done it without him.  He was not only effective – he educated us throughout the entire process and made it fun. He is a tremendous resource and a master at what he does!

Our regional MLS is up and running successfully, we still use Kevin for issues as they arise, and he’s always available to help us. There is no one better!

Lola Franklin

CEO, Pacific MLS

Our regional MLS is successful today because we began the process with Kevin McQueen who
used his knowledge, skills, experience and calm demeanor to defuse any concerns or
misconceptions among the startup team. His metrics based approach and his process of working
through the possible conclusions to each scenario helped us reach a logical consensus and
assisted our efforts in developing a solid business plan.

Kimberly R. Pontius

EVP, Traverse Area Association of REALTORS ®

The very first step in establishing the Commonwealth MLS CoOp was to trust — trust our MLS partners and trust the consultant engaged to work on the project. From the very beginning, I felt comfortable with Kevin. He demonstrated great respect for all of the parties involved, showed no favoritism, and always had his eye on the end game—helping us create win/wins for our members and for the corporate entities we’re entrusted to safeguard. I greatly appreciated the expertise Kevin brought to our deliberations. Forming the CoOp required us to make a number of detailed, important decisions. Because of his industry knowledge and experience, Kevin was able to guide us through a very efficient process, enabling us all to save time and money. If anyone is considering MLS consolidation—whatever that animal looks like in your part of the country — I would highly recommend Kevin to be your guide.

Laura Lafayette

CEO, Richmond Association of REALTORS ® /CVR MLS

Kevin McQueen facilitated discussions between our two local MLSs to create a regional MLS – something never accomplished in Montana previously. With hindsight we can now fully see and appreciate Kevin’s skill and expertise — he knew the issues we would work through long before we did, which enabled him to anticipate questions we would have and the answers or resources he would need.  During our work sessions, Kevin developed rapport with our group, which resulted in open and honest dialog and encouraged cooperation.  He fully engaged our work groups, honored each member’s contributions, and ultimately brought them to consensus. Even after the in-person sessions concluded and our merged MLS was formed, Kevin has continues to be there when we need him.  We can email or call and he responds promptly with assistance as we work towards our formal launch date for the Montana Regional MLS.  No one knows more people in the world of multiple listing services than Kevin McQueen, and he and his connections have proved to be a great resource to us in our endeavor.

Tia Robbin & Ruth Hackney

CEO & COO, Montana Regional MLS, LLC.

From my first conversation with Kevin I knew I had contacted the right person to help us realize our vision of retaining our autonomy while providing an expanded MLS that would give our members a better product for less cost.  Kevin’s knowledge about nationwide MLS trends and the future of MLS was vital. He has the ability to calmly share his knowledge and intently listen to the ideas and concerns of his client while making understandable and valuable suggestions to bring the vision to fruition. He has remained with us throughout our process of creating a single database from three separate ones.  I highly recommend Kevin and his expertise.

Linda Kinsman

CEO, Williamsburg Area Association of REALTORS ® , Inc./WMLS, Inc.

You did a phenomenal job of explaining the landscape in a way that everyone could relate; you kept the audience on track; you got everyone to participate and share; you gained the group’s trust quickly.  All of those qualities are hard to accomplish with such a diverse group of individuals.
I hope that we evolve in to a second phase and, if so, I see us calling upon your services again.
Linda Kinsman - CEO

Williamsburg Area Association / WMLS

Kevin saw our vision and was so prepared in orchestrating the best Strategic Planning, organizational development session I have been involved in. With 25+ years in the industry and being involved in such level of planning, this was the most productive event ever. It is so refreshing to have someone care and take ownership to understand an organization and facilitate to that specific organization and not just come in and do the standard cookie cutter 1,2,3 workshop. It was even beyond expectation going in and I had high expectations! Your personal level of involvement and support to me as a new CEO has been above and beyond and I know personal. You are truly a champion in the industry and I hope to  have association with you at many levels for years to come. Thanks for a great event. Looking forward to the next chapter and the bright future of this organization!

Chris Chappell

CEO, Maine Listings


DianeRuggieroKevin’s services are very thorough. He’s conscientious about his research prior to giving advice, and he is unbiased in his opinions. He doesn’t appear to favor or disfavor any particular vendor or company — I respect that! He has worked with us, and a number of surrounding MLSs, to sit and talk about data sharing. While this is often a very sensitive topic, Kevin was able to bring the group together and see the possible benefits, costs, advantages and disadvantages. We felt that it was a productive use of our staff and volunteer time, our resources, and our dollars. His approach is calm, unbiased, neutral. You can count on Kevin to give you good, solid advice. Kevin is a pleasure to work with. He’s easy going, honest, knowledgeable and willing to help you reach good decisions and conclusions. He’s reasonably priced, and it’s obvious that, to Kevin, it’s not about the money – it’s about helping his clients. I’d recommend Kevin to my peers without question.

Diane Ruggiero

Heartland MLS, Inc.


TerryPenzaOver my career I have been to countless planning sessions.  Kevin did a great job preparing for the meeting so that in less than a day and a half the participants went straight to the meat of the matter and garnered frank and honest conversations with the entire group.  He also did a wonderful job assuring everyone in the room participated.  Great job!

Terry Penza

Kevin McQueen was a facilitator for our New York statewide Data Sharing MLS regionalization initiative. When we started looking for a facilitator, we wanted someone with the proven experience, skills and was absent any conflicts of interest. We selected Kevin and he has been terrific. One of the reasons the statewide data sharing initiative moved as fast and seamless as it has is because of what Kevin brings to the table. He has a way of leading a discussion that involves and includes everyone. Kevin brings a quarter century of knowledge to the table. He has exceeded our expectations over the past year and I highly recommend Kevin to others.

Patrick Reilly

RCE, Vice President Member and Board Services, New York State Association of Realtors®


Kevin’s services are excellent and he has a deep understanding of our history.  This knowledge really helps a consultant facilitate the process.  We may have different volunteers sitting around the table, but all members have experienced the changes during the past several years. Kevin provides massive amounts of information in reports that are concise and easy for the volunteers to understand. I like the fact that he and I have a continuing dialogue about many issues dealing with the industry.  Kevin is always available for a quick update and provides value added service anytime I call him.  Complete satisfaction.

Beth Gatlin

Austin Board of REALTORS

Thank you for your work, insight, honesty and counsel in working with our Board. Your efforts and results were, in my opinion, exceptional, and this company is well served by you. It was truly a pleasure to see a professional at the top of their game. I would give Kevin my strongest endorsement in a heartbeat!

Ed Hardey

Integrity Real Estate Group


DonaldHullKevin provides a knowledgeable and well organized approach to situation analysis and problem solving. He communicates well, delivers on schedule and has always provided a solid value. Kevin has provided us with a solid understanding of MLS vender services and ideas for improving member services. I have the utmost respect for Kevin’s industry & general business knowledge and his ability to relate it to our organizational goals. As an organization we found that Kevin provided us with a knowledgeable and well organized approach to situation analysis and problem solving, which he effectively communicates to the various stake-holders.  Kevin provides a solid value.

Donald A. Hull

CEO, President, Greater Fairfield County CMLS, Inc.


DavidFlahertyKevin’s extensive background with MLS’s provided him a keen insight on the challenges facing us today. He is able to parlay that knowledge into productive discussion.  The result is positive action steps. I look forward to a continuing relationship with Kevin.

David Flaherty

Director, Maine Listings

I have attended many planning sessions for many boards and associations. Kevin’s ability to keep a group focused on productive work is unparalleled.

Eric Flynn

Director, Maine Listings


JuliPleitnerToo often, MLS organizations view their neighbors as friendly adversaries rather than valuable partners.  What we’ve been able to learn from the group analysis was that we truly all face the same big picture issues.  Kevin and his EMMS partners did an excellent job of presenting material in a straight forward manner.  This program gave us a chance to come together on neutral ground to learn what we can accomplish as a whole rather than as individuals; giving us the tools to be more effective in the services we provide to all our members.  When it comes down to it that is what will enable us to continue to be an integral part of the industry.  Special thanks to NAR for providing the grant that made this study possible.  I would strongly recommend all MLS organizations to consider a program like this one.

Juli A. Pleitner

Vice President, Birmingham Area MLS, Inc.


LeePayneI have a very good opinion of Kevin’s services. He has great knowledge of the industry which was very valuable to us. He is very prompt and logical.  I always had a good idea of timing, deliverables, feedback, etc.  I never felt the project was at risk of not being completed on time.

Lee Payne


Excellent job…..All our goals were met.  Kevin is very open and has vast industry knowledge.  He is great to work with.

Ron LaMee

VP Information Services, Arizona Association of REALTORS®


JohnLeonardiKevin is excellent as a facilitator especially when bringing in several MLSs to work together.  He is very knowledgeable and insightful, he will make you and your team work and be engaged throughout the entire process; which is exactly what you want!  He delivered exactly what we wanted and it is working great.  Of the three MLS’s in our area, we all saved money but more importantly we added services at a lower cost to the members.  In my market, the biggest winners were the Brokers. The one key point that if I could go back and change is that I would have hired Kevin to be the Program Manager for the actual implementation of the consolidation of the MLS’s.

John Leonardi


DeniseGryderI have always enjoyed working with Kevin for several reasons. He has gained a wide knowledge of many aspects of the real estate industry, both technical and networking with all levels of real estate professionals. He does a good job of guiding his clients to consider all aspects of a situation and make informed decisions. Since he understands both the customer side and the vendor side of the business, he has a good perspective about what is required in system upgrades and conversions. What I really appreciate when working with Kevin is he not only raises good questions, but he helps us answer the questions in a manner that fits our style and our business model. He pushes us to make thoughtful decisions that reflect our company culture. He not only can talk and help facilitate big picture discussions, but he can also help create a detailed plan and help us figure out the resources required to implement the plan.  Whenever we have a major project contemplated we usually try to figure out how to get help from Kevin McQueen!

Denise Gryder

First MLS Atlanta

Thank you for putting on an excellent event. Kevin McQueen was a skilled facilitator who got the most out of our group and the time that we had together.

Julie Dawson Williams

Board Member and First VP, Maine Listings