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It’s Your Future … Make it a Good One!

This national survey of REALTOR® Association Executives includes an executive summary with insights from Alice Martin and Kevin McQueen for the purpose of co-creating a better future for organized real estate.

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CARETS: What have we learned so far?

This paper is for you if you are a real estate professional, if you are involved in leadership or decision-making at your MLS and you recognize the rapidly changing landscape of organized real estate.

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MLS Collaboration – Most Common Approaches

There are many approaches to regionalization and data sharing. Our objective here is not to define every variation, but to introduce some high-level characteristics and a more consistent vocabulary, to make it easier for industry leaders to discuss the approaches and make directional decisions that result in meeting the members’ needs through increased collaboration.

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MLS 5.0 – The MLS of the Future

This Paper is a summary of the potential that the MLS can bring to the real estate industry and to consumers and, at the same time, it can be viewed as a subtle warning if brokers and industry leaders fail to grasp the strengths MLS currently possesses and employ them in a fast changing world, when consumer alternatives are popping up at every turn. It is based upon 33 years of MLS experience in many areas and at many levels.

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MLS Listing Consumer Websites – Five keys to a successful consumer-facing website

This paper is intended to help you achieve a higher degree of success with your MLS listing consumer website, if you already have one or are MLS listing consumer websites, and other valuable insights from industry experts who were interviewed for this paper.

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RETS Update – What you need to know

The original version of this paper was developed in October 2002 by Kevin McQueen, President, Focus Forward Consulting, Inc. A lot has changed since then and this paper was updated in September, 2004 to reflect what’s new.

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Data Sharing, Single Sign-on and Other Buzzwords

If you are interested in learning about:

  • Data Sharing – a work-in-progress
  • Single Sign-on – full of opportunities that benefit MLS users
  • Two-factor Authentication to logon to systems – on the rise

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